StormFox Productions LLC, founded in 2016 by CEO Vin Lee, is a versatile company that has made significant contributions in the realms of employment and technology. With a track record of success, we manage esteemed job boards FindInternships.com and Externships.com, connecting countless individuals with valuable career opportunities.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond employment, as we have previously managed high-impact initiatives such as the National Center for Identity Theft Prevention through PreventIDTheft.org and the National Coronavirus (COVID-19) Helpline via CoronavirusHelpline.org.

Our comprehensive IT consulting services, provided through CallMyITGuy.com, cater to diverse industry needs, ensuring smooth operations and technological advancements for businesses.

Through our unwavering dedication to fostering meaningful career growth and making a lasting impact, we empower individuals and organizations in the ever-evolving worlds of employment and technology.




1550 Wilson Blvd Ste 700 PMB302, Arlington, VA 22209